lundi 21 octobre 2013

SpriteKit : What is it ?

You may be familiar with Cocos2D, an open-source 2D game engine, and with Box2D, an open-source 2D physical engine. If yes, you will be pleased to discover SpriteKit !

SpriteKit is the all new Apple's game engine allowing to easily create 2D games, available in both iOS and OS X. It handles the Open GL commands and offer a high-level API, in Objective-C, that is really close to Cocos2D's one.

SpriteKit supports classical content such as sprites, texture atlases, text, shapes, particles, videos, audio, image filters... It also encapsulate an entire physical engine that should sound familiar to Box2D developers, except that unlike Box2D that has a C++ API, SpriteKit's one is in Objective-C (Yeah !).

So should i adopt SpriteKit or stick with Cocos2D+Box2D ?
Multiple arguments for each cases:
Unlike SpriteKit, Cocos2D is available on multiple platforms (Android, Web, ...). SpriteKit has a better Cocoa integration. SpriteKit tools (Particle editor, Texture atlases) are integrated within Xcode5, but some pretty good ones (TexturePacker, PhysicsEditor, ...) exists for Cocos2D. Cocos2D takes advantage of a large open-source community, SpriteKit of a dedicated team.

With all that, you'll have to make your own choice...

In this blog i will write several articles about SpriteKit, coming soon...

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