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Custom module development

Odoo is a highly customisation ERP system that allows businesses to create custom modules to meet their specific needs. Custom modules can be developed to add new features or functionality to the Odoo system, modify existing features, or integrate Odoo with other systems or applications.

Developing custom modules for Odoo involves several steps, including:

Requirements gathering

The first step in developing a custom module is to gather requirements from the business. This involves working with key stakeholders to understand their needs and goals for the module.


Once the requirements have been gathered, the next step is to design the module. This involves creating a detailed plan for the module, including its functionality, user interface, and integration with other systems.


After the design has been finalized, the custom module can be developed. This involves writing code to implement the module's functionality and testing it to ensure that it is working properly.


Once the custom module has been developed, it can be integrated with the Odoo system. This involves configuring the module to work with the existing Odoo modules and testing it to ensure that it is functioning properly.


Finally, the custom module can be deployed to the production environment. This involves installing the module on the Odoo server and making it available to users.

Custom modules can be developed for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Integration with third-party systems or applications
  • Customised reporting and analytics
  • Workflow automation
  • Customised user interfaces
  • Enhanced security features
  • Customised business processes